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their first time in skis

Lessons for you child | Ages 3 - 5

Club Piou Piou
Make progress in a fun and safe space
Club Piou Piou is designed to ensure that little ones have loads of fun while learning how to Alpine ski for the first time. 

Inside a safe and secure area, with other little ones their age, your little one will start every day off by learning about the snow and mountains through fun activities. We even include snack time! 

Club Piou Piou welcomes your little ones all season long. 
  • Piou Piou: I explore the Club.
  • Blanchot: I can recognise my ski equipment, move around on a flat surface and slide down the slopes.
  • Sifflote: I can slide down the slopes with my skis in snowplough position. I use the lifts for the first time.
  • Garolou: I know how to put on and take off my skis all on my own. I can control my speed and make turns using the "snake" technique.
  • Ourson: I move around on skis in different ways over varied but almost flat terrain. I can ski in a straight line down the slope and finish with a snowplough turn. I am self-sufficient and able to make progress outside of Club Piou Piou. 


All season long

During February school holidays9AM - 11AM OR 14.1PM - 16.15PM
Outside of February school holidays10AM - 12PM

Club piou piou prices

Ages 3 - 5

5 or 6 2-hr lessons140 €
Individual 2-hr lesson40 €
*Medal included in our 6-day package
ski lessons for little ones
Head out to the slopes!
Little ones, ages 4 and 5, that have already skied will be able to head out of Club Piou Piou after evaluation tests and will be brought to the appropriate pistes matching their ski level. 

Depending on the size of lessons, little ones can be placed in groups with children a bit older than them. However, groups are always made up of children with the same level to ensure lessons run smoothly. 

Lift passes are free for children under 5 years old.

ski lesson hours

Group ski lessons on the slopes

time of yearSunday - Friday
During February school holidays9AM - 11AM OR 14.15PM - 16.15PM
Outside of February school holidays10AM - 12PM

group ski prices

Ages 3 - 5

5 or 6 2-hr lessons*140 €
1 individual lesson40 €
*Medal included in our 6-day package
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